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Inspired Support Ltd are highly qualified, trained and experienced professionals. The team have developed a new model of support for people that moves away from the traditional form of day service.


The focus of the new model is to support people to develop the life they want. Inspired Support base our approach on fun and exciting opportunities ,that enable people to utilise their skills, talents and interests and show how these can be put to good use. We support people to develop life skills, friendships, contacts and experiences that will braoden peoples horizons.


The traditional model of day service historically held people in large institutions which often did not equip them with the skills needed to move on in society. People have remained in the same service for life. Our model will support people for varying periods of time, depending on need, supporting the person to develop their skills, CV and life experiences so that they may be ready for the world of work, if this is a path they choose. The model will focus on real independence and at the same time enable carers to have a break from their caring role.


The team of support workers are all experienced social care professionals as well as entrepreneurs, which enables us to be able to support people who want to set up exciting micro enterprises. Some of the enterprises we have supported people to develop include, the development of a nightclub, a tribute superstar DJ act, a radio station, a playstation games design team, a novel writer, film production and social media team, event promotion team etc.


Our support also focuses on enabling people to experience cool and exciting opportunities including gaming, surfing, mountain boarding, Kiteboarding, DJing, nightclubbing, climbing, festival going, festival volunteering, the list goes on. The team at Inspired Support bring a lot of experience, contacts and skills that we can pass on to people through effective support.

Inspired Support can support people to use, and become part of, community clubs, groups and events.


Inspiring Events is the social enterprise arm of the company within which people can be supported to develop clubs, groups and opportunities for themselves and others.

Autism Specialists

Inspired Support are leading specialists in the world of Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities.

Where to find us:

Inspired Support Ltd


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Richard Lamb  07825958024

David Winship 07881958054

Inspired Workforce

The Inspired Support team are all great professional mentors and are  all DBS checked.

The company is fully insured

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