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Inspired Support have enabled people to use their creative side to create works of art that are being admired and purchased by art fans in the North East.


People of varying abilities who enjoy art have been enabled to create artworks by being supported by professional artists at Inspired Support. These artworks often get displayed at art galleries and in local auction events.


People on the autism spectrum can be very creative and we have discovered unique approaches to enabling this talent to be expressed and result in self employment within the world of art.


If you would like professional artists to support your creative side then contact us at

Autism Specialists

Inspired Support are leading specialists in the world of Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities.

Where to find us:

Inspired Support Ltd


Working for you in the communities of the North East




Richard Lamb  07825958024

David Winship 07881958054

Inspired Workforce

The Inspired Support team are all great professional mentors and are  all DBS checked.

The company is fully insured

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