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The Face Express App has been developed by a young woman who has an autism spectrum condition and who identified using her own experience, the need for a facial expression recognition app. This budding entrepreneur came to Inspired Support and with the support of the team has been able to develop the entrepreneurial skills and developed the abiltity to use the strengths and experience brought about by her condition to develop this great idea. 

What is Face Express

Face express is an app that enables adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder to recognise facial expressions successfully in everyday life by using a variety of photos and videos of everyday people, incorporating over 50 different expressions and emotions.This will be the first app of it's kind in Europe.

Why - Face Express

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions have difficulty with social communication and social interaction, and social imagination. Despite facial recognition being a natural skill for most people without these limitations, it is difficult for this group with this condition to interperet. This app can enable repetitive intellectual learning of facial recognition needed for everyday life.This app will help individuals communicate more effectively, and will therefore make it easier for cares and support workers in their active roles.





How the idea developed with support from the Inspired Team


The idea of the Face Express App was developed with one to one support, and support from the wider Inspired team. We also brought in specialist help as needed i.e. an actor, and have backing from Newcastle University - Psycholgy Department. Those who have contributed have often given their time and expertise for free, which is honourable and in itself is inspiring. The final development, the App will be taking place using the expertise within the team, and it will be promoted through networks and social media.




You have an opportunity to help out with this great app that will go on to improve the lives and communication skills of people on the autism spectrum. We are starting a kickstarter campaign to help fund the product development and marketing of this great idea and product. If you would like further information contact Sarah at




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