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Inspired Gaming is an amazing opportunity for people on the Autism Spectrum who have an interest in Gaming. We have the technology, professional mentors and consoles to enable you to live the dream and be part of the world of gaming. Use your skill and interest in gaming to learn how to make money from Gaming. At Inspired Gaming we:


- Have a gaming lounge so that you can play and compete with friends and on line.

- Have the technology and training available so that you can become an on line gaming reviewer.

- Have mentors who can teach you how to become a games designer.

- Have mentors who can teach you about games technology and maintenance.


Let us support you to achieve great things in the world of Gaming.


If you are interested in this new and exciting  opportunity then call 07881958054 or 07825958024 or email 




Autism Specialists

Inspired Support are leading specialists in the world of Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities.

Where to find us:

Inspired Support Ltd


Working for you in the communities of the North East




Richard Lamb  07825958024

David Winship 07881958054

Inspired Workforce

The Inspired Support team are all great professional mentors and are  all DBS checked.

The company is fully insured

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