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The team at Inspired Support are experienced social workers and social care professionals and we appreciate the resource contraints of time and money for local authorities and social workers. We work in a way that supports and improves the performance of social workers by doing work that enables social workers to concentrate on other areas of their work.


The work we do contributes to, and supports the demonstration of, performance indicators by using our quality assurance and outcome monitoring tools.


So why should someone choose to use Inspired Support? Here are just a few reasons:


  • Cheaper than traditional day services with better outcomes.
  • Cheaper than traditional respite services with better outcomes.
  • REAL outcomes evidencing progression and learning.
  • One of the most qualified / experienced / highly trained organisations in the UK.
  • Each person gets a person centred plan.
  • Plans are supported by outcome monitoring reviews which will be available to the relevant social worker on a 6 and 12 month basis.
  • A small company providing the personal touch - better lines of communication.
  • The first independent provider to be developed in and around the communities of Gateshead.
  • Better for less.
  • A wealth of contacts and knowledge within the Gateshead / Newcastle areas.
  • A REAL person centred company.


Why not invite us to your team meetings or partnership boards where we will be pleased to give you more information about our services.


For further information email us at

Or phone:

Richard Lamb : 07825958024

David Winship : 07881958054



Autism Specialists

Inspired Support are leading specialists in the world of Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities.

Where to find us:

Inspired Support Ltd


Working for you in the communities of the North East




Richard Lamb  07825958024

David Winship 07881958054

Inspired Workforce

The Inspired Support team are all great professional mentors and are  all DBS checked.

The company is fully insured

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