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Newcastle United Foundation and Inspired Support become the dream partnership

Newcastle United Foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership with disability support provider Inspired Support.

With a specific aim of widening participation amongst participants with autism and learning disabilities, the partnership will open up the opportunity for those working with Inspired Support to take part in free Foundation weekly football sessions.

Delivered by specialist Foundation staff, with training in coaching disability football, sessions will endeavour to enable the attendees to learn new skills and gain new confidence in their abilities.

Foundation Pan-Disability sessions are funded through the Premier League/BT Disability Fund, as well as The FA Disability Workplace Fund (DWF).

Reggie Dornan, Senior Disability Football Development Officer at Newcastle United Foundation,  said, “We are so pleased to formalise our partnership with Inspired Support. We have worked closely with the team in the past, supporting one of their elite players to be able to compete in The Costa Blanca Cup for the Foundation this Summer.

“We are very grateful to have funding from the Premier League / BT Disability Fund, which allows us to work with all organisations involved in Disability sport and activities. We can give people in our community, who may have been previously socially isolated, the opportunity to play football in a safe and fun based environment, which enables them to play the game to the best of the ability and reach their full potential”.

Inspired Support are one of the most innovative providers of support for people with Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities in the UK and pride themselves on enabling people to achieving success.

David Winship, Director at Inspired Support, added: “Inspired Support are delighted to be involved with Newcastle United Foundation. We are always looking for new, exciting and motivational opportunities for our members to access, and the Foundation provides an excellent way for them to engage with sport in a well supported, and safe environment, whilst having fun and learning new skills in football.”

Newcastle United and The Costa Blanca Cup

After a great season with Inspired Support United, Shaun Kelly was selected to play for Newcastle United, representing not only Newcastle but also the premier league in The Costa Blanca Cup in Alicante.

The Costa Blanca cup is a high profile tournamnent in Spain and competition is high with over 250 teams competing from over 20 countries including the likes of Brazil. 

Newcastle United have been drawn in a tough group alongside Villa Real, Valencia and last years winners   Lavente.

Making the trip with Shaun are a team of elite players from The North East and after an intense training camp, they go in to the tournament with stregth and confidence.


Newcastle United Foundation’s PAN Disability team returned home from Spain on Thursday 5 July, having won the inclusive section of the Costa Blanca Cup.

The Foundation handpicked a team from the clubs it works with all year round to take part, and – following an emphatic 7-0 victory over Levante and a comfortable 6-2 win over Villareal – reached the final, where Valencia awaited them.

Another superb performance followed, with the Foundation winning 4-1 to take home the Costa Blanca Inclusive title.

The Costa Blanca Cup takes place once a year and NUFC Foundation were the only English team represented in this year’s inclusive section.

Inspired Supports very own Shaun Kelly put in some amazing performances as a lone striker up front in the intense heat. With support from coaches from Inspired Support, Shaun was able to make a success of his first venture abroad, which is no mean feat in itself.

Well done Shaun and the rest of the team from Newcastle United Foundation. David Winship (Director of Inspired Support) said "it was an amazing tournament and Shaun handled the different conditions very well, turning in some amazing performances. It was great working in partnership with Mark, Reggie and Mick from the foundation alongside the lads from the team. I think we will work closely together in the coming months as the partnership grows."

Autism Specialists

Inspired Support are leading specialists in the world of Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities.

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