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Inspired Support are proud to introduce you to one of the North Easts most prolific new artists who is on a journey to making it big in the art world. Gary Wales is a loveable quirky character who displays all the characteristics of a creative genius. Gary’s artwork is of a very high standard and has started selling at around £60 a painting. Gary has honed his very own style and it is not uncommon for him to produce at least one work of art per day. Moody, deep, meaningful are just a few of the words used to describe his work. Check out his facebook page .

What makes this even more formidable is the fact that just over 12 months ago Gary was struggling to cope with his Autism Spectrum Condition and was completely socially isolated in a very dark place. Fortunately his social worker knew about Inspired Support and our innovative ways that enable people to change their lives for the better. 


As Inspired Support do best, we searched for a mentor who could take Gary on this journey. Within the creative hub that Inspired Support work within in Newcastle, there were many professional artists, but we needed a good match and someone who could support Gary on his journey. The answer came in the amazing professional artist that is Jaisen Yates (

Jaisen is a big name in the art world and agreed to get involved as one of the team. Jaisen mentored Gary and supported him to develop his own unique style that is evident in the work we see today. Jaisen continues to support Gary today and the next phase of Garys progress is imminent. Gary is currently having his own art studio built amongst  other creative artists in Breeze Creatives’  ‘Bamburgh House’. Watch this space for Gary’s own art exhibition which is also in the planning stages.

Inspired Support are proud that Gary chose to work with us and help him on his journey to becoming an artist in his own right. A true creative genius in the making and a great, quirky guy to boot.

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Inspired Support are leading specialists in the world of Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities.

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