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Jaisen Yates


Jaisen is a well known professional artist in the Noth East and has recently just held his own exhibition promoted by Breeze Creatives. Jaisen had a studio in the same building as Inspired and quickly built up friendships with us all. Jaisen loved the work we were doing with people and when we started getting people on board who showed and interest and a talent with art, the matching process became an obvious move.

Jaisen became an associate of Inspired and joined the team adding his professional artistic qualities in to the mix. Jaisen now mentors groups of aspiring artists who want to produce artwork on many levels and from people with varying abilities. People with complex needs have been supported to produce some great work. People who have shown a talent with art have been mentored by Jaisen to develop their skills and go on to being self employed in the world of art.


Jaisens own work was briefed by Breeze Creatives as "Painting is often a struggle between the planned and the accidental, a place of freedom where imagination cannot be stopped. Whilst painting, the direction of work can unexpectedly begin to change. In this transition something else manifests, thus forming a new vocabulary. Mixing form and content, a carnivorous approach reflects life’s worth of looking and listening. Jaisen Yates is a creator of objects and images. It is the wish that these forms are granted the freedom to become themselves."

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Inspired Support are leading specialists in the world of Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities.

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