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Stu Herring

Stu is a professional artist represented by Breeze Creatives Newcastle and is mainly known for his performance based works and sculpture. He has a history of running galleries, events, and workshops with skills that span most things cultural. After getting involved with ‘Inspired Events’ Stu was drawn to the idea of utilising his skills set to support the aspirations of the current and future inspired member, this translated into the inspired studio, where he helped realise members potential in an array of areas like games design, games review, creative writing, animation, graphics design, and most obviously art. He also has a keen eye for spotting people’s talents and advising them on prospective paths to apply their talents and skills, and helping them hone their talents in to a possible career path.

 His interests include:

Contemporary Art









Real ale/Cocktails

Autism Specialists

Inspired Support are leading specialists in the world of Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities.

Where to find us:

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Inspired Workforce

The Inspired Support team are all great professional mentors and are  all DBS checked.

The company is fully insured

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