About Inspired Support

Inspired Support is one of the best providers of support for people who
have Autism Spectrum Conditions and learning disabilities.


We are an innovative organisation which mentors people with Autism Spectrum Conditions and learning disabilities in order to achieve their full potential. We work with a wide range of people from those who are high functioning, to those who are more complex and experience social communication difficulties, requiring very specific interventions.

Using, as our model, the Inspired Support Aspirational Tree of Development, we are able to support people to develop key life skills by surrounding them in their passions, which we call motivators. Using these motivators, we can support and encourage our clients to develop social, work, friendship and life skills in ways that are most comfortable to their needs.

At Inspired Support, we have developed a culture and identity where we encourage our clients to succeed in their passions and show that what they can achieve in life is limitless.

We have brought together a team of inspirational, enthusiastic and creative professionals, who work alongside our autism spectrum specialists to provide high-quality support that allows our clients to flourish and achieve their true potential.


We believe that successful support has to be completely person-centred . We have given Inspired Support a unique identity by making our ethos person-centred and developing individual plans to suit people's needs.

We have created motivational and inspiring environments that specialise in the digital, sport, football and creative industries.

Our ultimate goal is to develop people’s independence as much as possible, allowing them to enter the world of work and feel valued.

We set out to change the world of support and inspire people to believe that they can achieve amazing things in life.

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Our services

Inspired Support offers four engaging, inspiring and exciting service environments designed to ensure that people who are on the Autism Spectrum or have Learning Difficulties can develop their talents, social and life skills to achieve success and future employment.
These areas are  •  Creatives  •  Active  •  Football  • Digital


Inspired Creatives, based in Newcastle City Centre, has been developed as an inspiring and creative hub facilitated by professional mentors from the creative industries.


We provide the necessary tools and foundations for people to learn, develop and achieve great things in a safe and motivational environment.


Inspired Creatives is made up of a: 


•  Recording Studio  •  Gaming Lounge

•  Radio Suite  •  Media Lab

•  Art Studio  •  Computer Lounge

•  Venue Space and Bar


Inspired Creatives have supported people to:


•  Produce their own music which have become albums

•  Publish books on Amazon

•  Run music festivals

•  Compete in the National Autism’s Got Talent

•  Produce gaming YouTube Channels

•  Become professional selling artists

•  Receive work within the gaming world

•  Progress to university

•  Become volunteers within the creative industry



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Meet the Inspired team


Dave Winship Director

Dave has been at the forefront of working with people with disabilities and Autism Spectrum Conditions for over 25 years. Dave was tired of seeing people only having the choice of services that were outdated and “that were impossible to escape from”.


Dave set out to change the world of support and created Inspired Support in 2012 with Richard Lamb.


Wholly person-centred, Dave has always been an advocate for vulnerable adults and is inspired in  supporting people to thrive and achieve success. 


Don’t just take our word for it...

“Without Inspired Support I would have been a nobody. I would have been trapped in a care home. Life would have been non-existent.”

Michael Tweddle - Customer

Michael is currently producing his first rap album, DJs at mainstream festivals, and is vice captain of Inspired’s football team.  Michael has made valued friendships and is on the pathway to success.


Through sport, music and Inspired opportunities, Michael has been able to develop essential social and life skills.  Michael aspires to live independently and Inspired Support are helping him to make this a reality.


Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I receive funding to buy your service?

A. You can buy the service in a couple of ways: self-funded (pay with your own money), or
receive money from social services. A social worker needs to do an assessment need and a
care and support plan with you, which should give you money to buy Inspired Support.
For information on cost email 


Q. I am currently socially isolated, how will Inspired Support engage me?

A. We will meet you and find out more about you and what motivates you. We will then introduce you 
to great opportunities in locations where you will feel comfortable and motivated. You will be

motivated and inspired by our amazing mentors who will surround you in a cool/inspiring world.


Q. What is the age range of the clients you support?

A. We support anyone from the age of 16. There is no upper age limit.


Q. Where are you located and how can I get there?

A. Inspired Creatives  Hadrian House, Newcastle upon Tyne

Inspired Active – Birtley Leisure Centre, Durham Road, Birtley

Inspired Football – Gateshead International Stadium, Neilson Road, Gateshead

Inspired Digital – Hadrian House, Newcastle upon Tyne

All of our centres are accessible via public transport.


Q. What days and times are your services available?

A. Inspired Support only closes for Bank Holidays. Hours are usually 9.30am to 3.30pm.


Q. What can I learn?

A. You can learn lots of life, social and work skills alongside coping strategies.
We involve people in activities which engage and motivate them. People can also pursue interests
and be introduced to many interests that can then develop into passions. We use our Aspirational Tree
of Development as a learning model to guide us through the process. It’s all about good
communication, motivational activities and fun learning.


Q. What is your client to staff ratio?

A. The staff to person ratio is all person-centred and based on the persons need.


Q. I have more complex needs, can you support me?

A. We can support anyone who wants our services because we are completely person-centred and our service is based on their needs and wants. This enables us to work with people with a broad range of needs.


Frequently asked questions


Q. What outcomes may my client realise?

A. Your client can learn lots of life, social and work skills alongside necessary coping strategies.
We surround people in activities that motivate them or that they are interested in and then
they learn skills using the Aspirational Tree of Development. It’s all about good
communication, motivational activities and fun learning. Our goal is to assist your client
in becoming ready for the world of work and independence.

Q. What is your client to staff ratio?

A. The staff to person ratio is all person-centred and based on the persons need. The ratio will
be based on your assessment of need for your client.

Q. How can your service help me achieve my working outcomes?

A. Inspired Support will work towards the outcomes identified by you and your client and we
will use an outcome monitoring tool to evidence progress.

Q. What are your success stories?

A. We have lots of amazing success stories, but don’t take our word for it, read our
customers' testimonials in the Testimonial section.




Newcastle  •  Gateshead  •  Birtley

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